Wheel Washing Powder 500grams

  • Removes tough stains
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • 2 in 1 Detergent powder
  • Wheel washing powder removing all malodors
  • Wheel is trusted brands in the fabric care category

৳ 70.00 ৳ 75.00


  • Wheel washing powder out the dirts from your clothes effectively, leaves a pleasant smell all over them.
  • Wheel 2in1 Washing Powder cleans clothes thoroughly removing all malodors.
  • Its advanced white powder provides deep cleanliness & sensorial delight while all so being gentle on your hands.
  • Powered with the strength of lemons, Wheel Green Lemon & Jasmine Detergent Powder removes the toughest stains from your clothes instantly. The sweet fragrance ensures that you have a great laundry experience.
  • Wheel washing powder has clean & fresh with odor masking capability & winning floral fragrance in Clean & fresh.

Active Wheel washing powder, with the strength of lemons and its sweet fragrance, transforms this ordeal into a gratifying experience that lifts her spirits for the day to come. Active Wheel was launched in 1988 and became the market leader in the segment in 2000 and is currently used by close to 200 million households across South Asia. Active Wheel is ranked 5 in the most trusted brands in the fabric care category as per ET brand equity 2016. Active Wheel is the market leader in Bangladesh, Nepal & Sri Lanka.

  • Product Type: Detergent
  • Brand: Wheel
  • Weight: 500grams
  • Flavor: Lemon
  • Manufacturer: Unilever Bangladesh