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Walton WSI-OCEANUS (VOICE CONTROL)-24C 2 Ton Inverter

VOICE CONTROL AIR CONDITIONER: An innovative technology to control- your air conditioner. Give your voice command to Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner will obey the command. Able to control the air conditioner without a remote.
FROST CLEAN: Removes dirt from the evaporator, keeps evaporator dry and fungus free, prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms, increases the longevity of Air Conditioner.
IONIZER + Antiviral Filter: Combined action against virus, bacteria, smoke, dust & other pollutants
The most reputed Electronic manufacturing company of Bangladesh, Walton has used Dual Defender Technology with the combination of Ionizer and Antiviral filter in Walton smart Air conditioner. The three-layer Antiviral filter contains varieties of natural and synthetic ingredients that can prevent the virus, bacteria, and odor particles as well as remove fine particles up to 0.3 microns which are tested in accredited Laboratories of Japan and Singapore. This filter has another layer of antioxidants that can absorb free radicals and other harmful elements from the air and provide fresh air to your room.
SILENT OPERATION: Walton Intelligent Inverter Air Conditioner has much quieter and smoother operation than a non-inverter air conditioner. The non-inverter makes a lot of noise every time it reaches a certain temperature with subsequent on/off features. Walton Intelligent Inverter Air Conditioner does its function smoothly & silently.
AUTOMATIC MULTI DIRECTIONAL AIR-FLOW: Walton Intelligent Inverter Air Conditioner has a Horizontal & Vertical swing which enables the air to guide/swing in four directions. You will feel the same comfort at every corner of the room.
FASTER AND UNIFORM COOLING: Compressor & Control board is coupled in such a way that Walton Intelligent Inverter Air Conditioner offers fast cooling by just pressing a single button (Turbo) of remote control.
ECO FRIENDLY: Walton Intelligent Inverter Air Conditioner uses environment-friendly refrigerant which has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) & very low Global Warning Potential Ratings (GWP)
ENERGY SAVING: Walton Intelligent Inverter Air Conditioner has got a unique feature named Economy. Just pressing a single button (ECO) will allow the unit to save up to 60% of energy compared to the typical non-inverter-type air conditioner.
WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: The air-conditioner can maintain the temperature of your room between 16 to 31 degrees Celsius.
WIDE WORKING VOLTAGE RANGE: Walton Intelligent Inverter Air Conditioner has a wide working voltage range starting from 140V to 264VAC 50Hz.

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Basic information Function: Cooling
BTU/hr: 24000
Rated Voltage: 220V-240V ~ 50Hz
Rated Input Power (W): 2040
Rated Current (A): 8.98
Cooling Capacity (W): 7034
COP: 3.44
Cooling Features Compressor Type: Dual Rotary (Inverter)
Refrigerant Type: R-410a
Refrigerant Amount (Kg): 0.83
Operating Range (Ambient Temperature): 20˚C to 43˚C
Evaporator Fin Type: Louvered Fin
Condenser Type: Microchannel Condenser
Condenser Fin Type: Wave fin
Maximum Pipe Length: 12ft
Turbo Mode (Maximum Cooling): Yes
ECO Mode (Power Saving): Yes
Dry Mode: Yes
Fan Mood: Yes
Auto Operation: Yes
Auto Restart: Yes
Comfort Colling: Yes
Speed Setting: Yes (Auto, High, Medium, Low)
Timer: Yes
Sleep: Yes
Remote & Air Deflection Display Type: LCD
Operation/Control: Via IR (Infrared Ray)
Child Lock: Yes
Temperature Unit Change: Yes (16​°C to 31°C)
Auto UP-Down Swing: Yes
Auto Left-Right Swing: Yes
Dimensions & Weights Indoor Dimensions (mm) [L×W×H]: Unit- 1109 x 329 x 242, Packing: 1180 x 410 x 315
Outdoor Dimensions (mm) [L×W×H]: Unit- 865 x 370 x 687, Packing: 935 x 435 x 750
Net Weight (Indoor) (Kg): 17 ± 0.5
Gross Weight (Indoor) (Kg): 19 ± 0.5
Net Weight (Outdoor) (Kg): 39 ± 1
Gross Weight (outdoor) (Kg): 45 ± 1


Warranty Information

Warranty Information-
Product Replacement Guarantee: 1 Year
(Note: if there are manufacturing faults in heat exchanger & compressor)

For Residential Usage-
Compressor Warranty: 10 Years
Spare Parts Support: 3 Years
After Sales Service: 1 Year (Free)

For Commercial Usage-
Compressor Warranty: 3 Years
Spare Parts Support: 2 Years
After Sales Service: 1 Year (Free)

1. This warranty does not cover the following cases –
i) The warranty will be invalid if the product is misused, neglected, rented on a commercial basis. The warranty also will be invalid if repaired, replaced modified by unauthorized service personnel.
ii) If the product serial number/barcode is removed, altered, or duplicated, the warranty will be invalid.
2. This warranty covers only manufacturing defects in products & workmanship, subject to verification by company personnel.