Silicone Water Drop Toilet Brush

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Silicone Water Drop Toilet Brush

– Automatic opening and closing design, more convenient than other toilet brushes
WALL-MOUNTED & SUSPENDED BASE: Our toilet brush base is wall-mounted and designed as breathable. Quick-drying and easy to clean. Simple storage and space-saving.
DURABLE: This new toilet brush is durable and easy to clean after use. No broken bristles, no hair and other dirty stuff entangled.
EASIER TO CLEAN DEAD CORNER: This toilet brush is not only sturdy but also with better toughness. The bendable brush head is able to clean all the areas inside the toilet especially the grooves.
TOILET BOWL PROTECTION: With silicone bristles, this toilet brush protects the toilet bowl from being scratched during cleaning even with great force, instead of the ordinary plastic ones.

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Basic Information Color: Green
Brushes: 30cm/11.72inch
Base: 42.5cm/16.6inch

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