Melbourne Cheese Slice 200 grams


  • Made with pure cow milk to enrich the slices with an abundance of nutrition.
  • Flavour bursting in every bite.
  • Melbourne cheese slice has fantastic meltable ability, it makes a wonderful, cheesy addition to many recipes.
  • Good source of calcium and milk proteins.
  • The cheese makes a delightful pairing with fruits such as apples, pears and melons
  • Great ease and economy of usage.

৳ 299.00 ৳ 370.00


  • Melbourne cheese slice has rich and natural taste high calcium content.
  • It is a popular cheese for snacking on its own as chiplets and slices.
  • Smooth and delicious slices melt in your mouth releasing its intense and aromatic flavours.
  • Put these cheese slices into your food as per your desire or have them separately with your dish to enhance the taste and flavours.
  • Trust of Melbourne cheese slice pure ingredients have made these cheese slices so rich and yummy.

Melbourne cheese slice for easy use and amazing flavour. A fresh combination of exotic herbs and spices mixed with the most gooey cheese ever- made with no vegetable or hydrogenated oil, just the goodness of fresh milk. It has high calcium for stronger bones with no preservatives.

  • Product Name: Melbourne Cheese Slice 200 grams
  • Brand: Melbourne
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Slice: 12 pieces