Dishoom Dishwashing Liquid 500ml


  • Dishum removes malodour effectively and leaves your utensils clean and shining.
  • Superior and refreshing lemon fragrance to make your dishwashing experience pleasurable.
  • Soft and gentle on hands.
  • Dishum dishwash is a revolutionary dishwashing product that aids tough grease removal.


৳ 90.00 ৳ 110.00


  • Finpic powerful disinfectant toilet cleaner which cleans 99.9% germs.
  • Effective and powerful dish wash formula that cuts tough grease residue.
  • Formulated with the power of Lemon and Active Salt, Giffy Concentrated Dishwash Gel works 2x faster compared to other ordinary dishwash liquids, even on the toughest of grease.
  • Suitable for variety of cookware including aluminum, stainless steel, teflon coated non-stick, ceramic, silver, crockery, fiberglass, brass, copper, etc.

Dishoom dishwashing Liquid is your favourite companion in the kitchen to wash away the stains from your plates and cutlery. The gentle action of the organic dishwashing liquid will leave your plates clean without effecting your skin. Dishoom dishwashing Liquid is designed to gently deep clean your dishes, break down the organic remains and leave a soft, comforting fragrance. Keeps the utensils sparkling clean and smelling fresh, unlike the conventional dish soaps this leaves no residue on the dishes and gives you a sparkling cleans utensils with a refreshing smell. Dishwashing Liquid is made with a proprietary blend of active enzymes that are harmless to humans and break down organic food waste on plates.

  • Product Name: Dishoom Dishwashing Liquid 500ml
  • Brand: Dishoom
  • Weight: 500ml