Blunt Bird DN-997 Infrared Thermometer

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Blunt Bird DN-997 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

– Ergonomic design, simple & generous appearance.
– Non-contact high precision, clean & sanitary measurement.
– Excellent adaptability to environmental, change & can be used in complex environments.
– One-click temperature switching, is convenient & practical.
– Double 32 groups of memory storage, one-click query, simple & practical.
– Adjustment of temperature deviation to facilitate different user habits.
– Automatic shutdown function, no automatic shutdown operation within 20 seconds.

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Basic Information A large screen backlight,
3-5cm measuring distance,
Fast and accurate measurement in 0.5 seconds,
0.01 ℃ display resolution,
Humidity ≤ 85%, auto shutdown,
Multiple functions,
Fever alert,
Handhold position,
Infrared sensor,
LCD display,
Measurement button,
DC 3V 2 x AA battery,
148 x 85 x 40mm dimension.
Measuring Range: Human Model 32.0C – 42.9C (85.9F – 109F)
Display: Trichrome backlight
Temperature unit: Celcius / Fahrenheit
Auto power off: Within 20 seconds


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